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Carol Pulver

Carol Pulver, Writers @ Work

Carol Pulver (Computer Sciences and Mathematics, ’90) is the Director of User Support and Randomization Services at Frontier Science in Amherst, NY. Founded in 1975, Frontier Science is a non-profit organization with proven expertise in a comprehensive range of research services including data management, design, analysis, and reporting of clinical trials. Frontier Science has six offices and collaborates with scientists and technicians in more than 2000 laboratories, universities and medical centers around the world. Funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, pharmaceutical companies, and other organizations, Frontier Science’s focus has been on studies related to cancer and HIV. Carol has 26 years of experience developing and implementing computing solutions within the clinical trial data management and medical research field. Carol advises data management teams as to the best possible means to organize their workflows in an efficient and cohesive manner so as to ensure data integrity and quality. She is an effective communicator and collaborator with various clinical research representatives, including research sites, sponsors, CROs, regulatory specialists, pharmacists, statisticians, and software programmers. She excels in translating the requests of data management professionals into programmable specifications and processes. Carol graduated in 1990 from SUNY Fredonia where she majored in Computer Science and Mathematics. She earned her MBA from the University of Buffalo in 1996. She lives in Irving with her husband, Scott, and their children, Seth, Jonathan, and Jessica.

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