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Gina Browning, '88

Gina Browning

English Alumna, Class of 1988

Director of Public Relations at

SPCA Serving Erie County


In July of 2016, Gina celebrated her 26th anniversary as Director of Public Relations of the SPCA Serving Erie County. She is a 1988 cum laude graduate of Fredonia's English Department. After working in commercial writing, production, and promotions at WBEN-AM and Star 102.5 FM radio stations along with a short stint at WBLK-FM, she started her career with the SPCA in 1990. The organization had fewer than 40 employees at the time. Today, the SPCA employs approximately 120 full and part-time staff, boasts more than 1,300 volunteers, and works in some way with more than 12,000 animals each year. In addition to other responsibilities, Gina has created a full-blown media program that currently includes writing and managing 11 weekly installments: two newspaper features, four television features, and five radio features, which means that 572 times each year people exposed to traditional media may be hearing something about the SPCA, its important programs, and its very beautiful and very well-behaved animals. As social media has changed the face of the public relations and journalism industries, the SPCA manages a social media presence with active, popular Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Gina works hard every day to ensure people in Erie County and the surrounding areas cannot escape hearing about the inspiring work of the SPCA, no matter how hard they may try.

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