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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Music Education is at the heart and soul of what Fredonia does best, and our graduates have gone on to enjoy highly successful careers as music educators across New York state and beyond. Fredonia believes music education is one of the most noble and rewarding career paths, and we strive to create an ideal environment for the training of future music educators. Fredonia recognizes the value of your time and money. We are th eonly school with a NYS-registered multi-award MUSB/MM degree program in Music Education. This means you can earn your degree and certification faster, and start teaching sooner. Enter as a freshman, leave a professional.  More about Music Education.

You’ve put in all the hours, woken up early or stayed up late for rehearsals, spent precious time and money on private lessons and equipment, and worked tirelessly for the opportunity to do what you love: perform. Fredonia’s Music Performance program will foster your passions; playing or performing music, and doing so in public venues, allowing an audience to share your talents. Fredonia creates a safe place to take risks and see how far you can push yourself, with the support of faculty and peers who encourage you along the way to meet high standards of excellence. More about Music Performance.

Music therapy is one of the fastest growing fields in the music industry, and certified music therapists are recognized as important professional members of both healthcare and educational teams. Fredonia’s Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy is one of the most comprehensive in the country, combining your passion for music and your drive to help others improve, maintain, and restore health and well-being in their lives. Your training will emphasize flexibility as a performer and interpreter of music, creating a unique career path with great potential for growth and fulfillment. More about Music Therapy.

At Fredonia, we believe the audio engineer must be an excellent musician with a broad range of scientific and engineering skills. Sound Recording Technology at Fredonia is a highly selective program that accepts applicants on the basis of both high academic and musical achievement. Our facilities range from labs and workshop spaces to state-of-the-art studios, live rooms, and booths that rival the best in the nation. More about Sound Recording Technology.

At Fredonia, you’ll engage in projects that develop a range of skill that is rare among undergraduate programs. You can work with choreographers, filmmakers, directors, and poets to gain a deeper understanding of the craft, while finding your own voice. The program allows you to study composition in a standard program, or elect performance or electronic music composition as an enhanced concentration. Ethos New Music Society brings such distinguished artists as Roomful of Teeth, Morton Subotnick, and Jennifer Higdon to campus to work with students, read through and perform their original compositions. More about Composition.

Jazz has been an integral part of The State University of New York at Fredonia since the 1930s. Through the years this ongoing ensemble developed into a concert jazz ensemble and was responsible for launching the careers of many of today’s top studio recording artists, jazz performers and noted jazz educators. The Bachelor of Arts degree and concentration in Jazz Studies are available to all music majors, and are designed to encourage the pursuit of jazz through performance, historical context, and theoretical background. More about Jazz Studies

You love music. You have a vision. You think outside of the box. Looking beyond the traditional degree programs not only provides you with options and flexibility, it provides the opportunity to create something that is uniquely YOU. Fredonia’s new BA in Music offers exactly that opportunity with five tracks to choose from: general, jazz, entrepreneurship, technology, and history & literature. Get the foundational training you need with the flexibility you want to create your own path. Whatever your dream, Fredonia will help you get there. More about the BA in Music.

As the largest component of the undergraduate core curriculum, music theory and music history constitute a vital part of the music major at Fredonia. The courses offered in music theory and history span the gamut of styles and eras, confronting complex aesthetic, technical, and interpretive issues along the way. More about Music Theory & Musicology.

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